Revolutionizing Space Traffic Management

The Future of Space


Space, as congested and chaotic as city traffic?


Imagine a world where the vastness of space is as congested and chaotic as our city traffic during rush hour. Every satellite, spacecraft, and space station constantly maneuvering, dodging, and scrambling to avoid collisions. It’s not just science fiction; it’s our imminent future unless we revolutionize space traffic management.  

With the rapid increase in satellite launches and space missions, space is becoming crowded. Traditional methods of tracking and coordinating these thousands of objects are outdated and inadequate. The consequences? Potential collisions, lost investments, and compromised missions.

Meet Space Interactions


Merging AI & Digital Twins for Advanced
Space Traffic Management.


Enter Space Interactions, where AI meets the future of space traffic management. We employ advanced digital twins, creating real-time virtual replicas of every satellite and object in space. This isn’t just any digital twin technology; it’s a highly sophisticated AI-driven platform tailored for the unique challenges of space.




SI Forerunner is a free-to-use real-time web application visualizing all publically cataloged objects in Earth Orbit.

Designed with education and experimentation in mind, Forerunner features a range of functions and tools that allows anyone to interact, track and view digital replicas of satellites and debris objects. 



Orbital Debris


What is orbital debris and why is it a threat?

Orbital debris is any human-made object in orbit around the Earth that is either inoperable or uncontrollable. Examples of orbital debris are nonfunctional spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages, mission-related debris, and fragmentation debris.


The threat presented by orbital debris lies in its intrinsic value of traveling blazingly fast. At speeds upwards of 20,000 mph, debris that is relatively small in size can provide the destructive force necessary to damage or disable an entire satellite or spacecraft.


How much debris is out there?


Objects > 10 cm in size.


Estimated objects from 1 cm to 10 cm in size.


Estimated objects from 1mm to 1cm in size.


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